January 20, 2009

Robert Pattinson playing surprise Pub gigs in London + Leaked Facebook Photos

Robert was spotted again at a SoHo pub in London for open mic night. Apparently, he was there with some buddies and performed two songs which apparently "silenced the room" with how good he was. Read more at Perez Hilton!
In a separate appearance, Robert was spotted looking a little hairy recently, sporting a beard. Source: Lion_lamb LJ

Edit: Oops. I just read over at Spunk Ransom that these leaked Robert photos were from somebody's private Facebook account, and not necessarily meant to be shared, but now they're everywhere...


  1. poor over-exposed Rob, but hey if he’s gonna be exploited like this, can we at least get some audio?
    i’m just asking..


  2. Yes, yes, he is over exposed and exploited by the media. But everyone in the world seems to have a Robsession and Twilight has come and gone? I think Rob will just have to settle for being a sexy movie star phenom and live life to the fullest for it. ;)


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