January 6, 2009

Caught on Video: Robert Pattinson & Nikki Reed shopping for moving boxes

It's Robert Pattinson's shorter hair-do in action!

P.S. I know, I know -- It feels kinda dirty to watch these paparazzi videos. And, it's five boring minutes of people putting boxes into their car. But, you just can't help it...

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  1. Honestly although I do love seeing Rob any chance I get, that has got to be really annoying. It's like he can't even live a normal life. Ok, I know he's a celeb and he's the hottest thing going right now (well let's face it he is extremely hot!!!) And I know all the fans want to know everything about him. But don't you think there's something more interesting about a mysterious man. A man we dont know every little detail of his life. Personally, I do. If i'm ever lucky enough to get the chance to meet him, i'd like to find certain things out for myself.


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