January 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Naked in Bed (Not Really)

Somebody is very good with Photoshop, because this fan manip of Robert & Kristen supposedly nekkid in bed is making its rounds over the internet on sites like Allie is Wired and Gossip Teen as a *legit* pic. Awesome! :)

Here's proof that it's a fake photo:


  1. Hey, did you hear about Kristin supposedly smoking pot?

    I think those were photshopped too.

    What do you think?

    Here are a few links:

    -The guy next to her doesn't move an inch!



  2. Omj I wish they were real...But then again the second pic could be photoshopped (:

  3. Oh well done for figuring that out! Full Kudos to you!

  4. okay retards yes it could be photoshopped but not from that picture. robs hair has a spike in the first one and doesnt in the second. Also his head is straight in the second but tilted in the first. take a better look. and if it was photoshopped how would kristen's hair be all over him like that. that person would have to be extremely talented to do that picture.

  5. youre a retard if you cant see that the only thing on that picture that is real is their faces..
    if you look at her hair you can see it is all weird and green looking at the bottom..

    seriously it is soo fake, how can you not see that..
    and their faces has a weird ring around them, and is not even the same color as "his" chest..

    i found the bottom pic months ago, i have been waiting for some to find it and get it out there..
    thank god they did (:

    Sorry for spelling errors and such (not american) ..

  6. yeah u really are deluded if u think thats real

  7. Guys its not photoshopped comeon he always smiles like this,its his silly smile and the two photos are not even the sameeee. They were in bed and someona should have get it from their cell (it looks like a cell photo)

  8. http://i10.photobucket.com/albums/a101/angel_blue89/mikeandipol.jpgwell this is the original guys, a picture of my ex and I, some weirdo stole it and edited. FREAK

  9. Sure! There's no possibility, that he is photographed from the same direction. The hair is the same, the beard, the shaddow on his face. This is sooo fake. And Rob has a really hairy body!
    Maybe there was a photoshoot with Kristen, where she is lying on the floor. There's no shade where her hair is on his breast. It's too much light.

  10. Yew guys are fucken lames! haha who gives a fuck if the pics are real or fake??? Yew must be fuken computer nerds that love these two celebs. wow. like get a life. haha i found this website googling and seeing all yew nerds argue is hilarious! haha Whooo!


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