January 28, 2009

Reality Bites: Lousy economy finally threatening a reliable source of TwiCrack

It's fun to escape the real-world by blogging about Twilight, but the reality is that things are pretty rough out there these days, and now reality is beginning to invade my Twilight world.

Over the past months, I've really enjoyed Variety.com's Thompson on Hollywood blog, which has often featured reliable, in-the-know Twilight tidbits, such as the revelation that James Mangold and Juan Antonio Bayona have been circling the job of directing Eclipse.

Consequently, I am quite disappointed to read that Anne Thompson was laid-off from Variety this week. Luckily, the blog will continue, and Anne has other opportunities that she's looking forward to tackling. Good luck Anne!

If only we all possessed Alice's psychic-Stock-picking abilities to help us weather this economy!Image source: Twilight-online.nl

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