January 29, 2009

R-Patz Envy: Justin Timberlake & Zac Efron Supposedly Jealous of Robert Pattinson over lead 'Ohio' movie role

I just saw this gossip over at Robert Pattinson Life. According to Star Magazine (again, super-reliable! heh), Justin Timberlake and Zac Efron are pissed that R-Patz is being offered a leading role in an upcoming flick:
"Rumors are rampant stating that Robert Pattinson, Zac Efron, and Justin Timberlake are being courted for roles in Ohio, the film based on the 1970 murders of anti-Vietnam War protesters at Kent State University.

Star Magazine is claiming that Timberlake, and Efron, are upset that Pattinson who is a newcomer in their eyes, has been offered a leading role - according to a tabloid spy.

“Everyone in the industry is shocked that Rob is already getting such big roles,” says an insider. Zac and Justin have been working for a lot longer than he has. There is a bit of jealousy there. Zac’s people want him to have the lead. And Justin’s people have asked that he get a lot of screen time.”
Read the article over at Pop Media.


  1. Waa waa waa!
    Robert is a great actor! I'm sorry, but JT is not that good!

  2. Since when did Justing Timberlake consider himself a leading man? Ha!

  3. huh? give me a break........ what goes around... comes around...... so what goes up fast... comes down fast.... :-P JT rocks


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