January 24, 2009

Patty, the Object of Robert Pattinson's Valentine love, revealed! (Or, maybe just some random dog)

Recently, an alleged photo of Patty, the recipient of Robert Pattinson's Valentine love, showed up online, only to be removed to protect the privacy of R-Patz's family members. However, a cropped photo of Patty has surfaced!

Now, I can't verify that this is THE Patty the dog, but regardless, you can enjoy this little Westie's cuteness here. (Note: I don't want to post the actual photo, since I can't verify its source/authenticity)


  1. awww ive got a little dog aswell lily, i gave her a valentines card aswell n sum chew sticks she luved them to bits lol :)im ur biggest fan !!!!!! liv

  2. luvv uu im ur biggest fann from again liv


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