January 24, 2009

New Taylor Lautner J-14 Photoshoot that almost pushed me over toTeam Taylor Jacob. Almost.

Lion & Lamb Love has posted a slew of new Taylor J-14 photos, and you can check out the whole batch here. Wow, I may have had initial doubts about Taylor as a romantic rival to Robert Pattinson's Edward, but these photos could change my mind. Taylor continues to morph into the Older Jacob Black by the minute!


  1. I love the kid, but...I am Team Edward to the core. I'm so proud of Taylor for working so hard though, I can't wait to see how great he's going to be in New Moon!

  2. i love this dude soooo much he is the best thing since well theres noone to compare him 2 i love you taylor i'd love to meet you 1 day

  3. I am Team Jacob all the way.! I love him so much...I would have his baby.!

    xoxo~Taylor Lautner's Future Wifey~

  4. TEM JACOB FTW , Love him !


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