January 26, 2009

How Not to get a Six-pack: New Robert Pattinson + Nikki Reed Candids

I found this pic via Spunk-Ransom.com, a really great Robert Pattinson fansite! You can visit their site here, and help caption Robert's photo. :)

Here is my lame stab at a caption: "Cigarettes + Beer + BBQ: How NOT to get an Edward Six-Pack." Oops, that's kind of mean. heh.

Also, there is a new R-patz + Nikki photo floating around, allegedly from Facebook. What up with the orange shirt?? Maybe this is a fake manip, because who would wear that? Seriously. :)


  1. awwwh what's wrong with him?! he looks like hes gonna cry QUICK someone hug him!

  2. he is sleeping with nikki (throws up)
    e online. com (awful truth)

  3. wtf is wrong wit ppl there the cutest couple ever dude shes a realy preety person nd ive actually met her in person b@!need 2 back off


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