January 29, 2009

Rachelle Lefevre & Taylor Lautner Empire Outtakes: (Is it just me, or are they all starting to look the same?) :-)

Lion & Lamb Love just loaded up another batch of new Empire Magazine outtakes. You can check out the originals over at Unlimited-Photos.com. This time, Taylor & Rachelle get some love!


  1. I was watching an old re-run of Bones last night and I was like, "that lawyer chick looks familiar...and she's got some great hair..." then I realized it was Rachelle! She was good, but her hair was dyed darker and not quite as pretty as it is now...

  2. Well, these aren't really new. These were done before the movie release. I've got them in my photo archive.


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  4. Oh...I guess that is why the supposedly new photo outtakes that were posted look the same to me - because they are the same ones we've already seen. heh.


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