January 15, 2009

Melissa Rosenburg confirms: No New Moon for Vanessa Leah

Alright, so we knew that something funky was up when the first New Moon Casting Call list was posted and Leah & Aro weren't mentioned on that roster. To end speculation, Melissa Rosenburg, the New Moon scriptwriter, confirmed to Twilight Lexicon that Leah is NOT even in the New Moon script:

"If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em. "

Hmm. Even if Leah is not in New Moon, she's still in Eclipse! So, we'll still wait with excitement to see which actress claims this role. Also, the question remains: Who is going to play ARO? Dunh, dunh, dunhhhhhhh...

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