January 19, 2009

New Moon Monday: Laurent Edi Gathegi talks about his New Moon love interest + Being Taylor Lautner's gym buddy

MTV has a new interview with Edi Gathegi up. He has a lot of fun things to say about Twilight, hanging out with Taylor Lautner, AND about Sophia Myles as a potential *Irina*:
"And, speaking of love, any good Twilighter knows that in "New Moon," Laurent meets Irina, a Denali sister whose actions will impact the future movies. That YouTube video casts "Tristan + Isolde" beauty Sophia Myles as Irina — a choice that would greatly please Gathegi.

"She's a good choice. I could be happy with that," he said of the 28-year-old Brit. "I like her work. ... Now I'm not going to be able to get her out of my mind for that character."

Thanks to Twilight-Online.nl for the Laurent photo!

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