January 22, 2009

Kristen Stewart's Dad: A Mile High Surprise

Tony Potts over at Access Hollywood has just posted this cool article detailing his funny encounter with Kristen Stewart's dad, John Stewart, on the flight home to L.A. from Sundance and his delayed realization that he was flying home with a celebrity!

"John and I never discuss “work,” the all-encompassing world of Hollywood. When we chat, it’s always about our kids, things in life we love to do, etc. In those conversations over the years, he has mentioned his daughter was starting to act and was getting a part here and there. He also mentioned she did very well in school and they had hopes she’d go to an Ivy League school. I always said to him, “Let me know if she’s in anything and I’ll go see it.”

So, fast-forward to today. His daughter slept for most of the 90-minute flight so I didn’t have a chance to meet her. We land in LA and all the passengers head to the baggage claim. While I’m waiting for my bag to arrive, I head outside to make a phone call.

Suddenly, I see camera flashes going off. Now, if you’ve ever been to LAX, you know what that means. It’s usually a celebrity who has just landed and is trying to get to his or her vehicle and get home.

So, I turn to see my friend John surrounded by paparazzi. I’m thinking, “WTF?” And then I see he has his arm around a young girl…his daughter.

And then it hit me, OHHHHHHHHHHH, his daughter is Kristen. John’s last name is Stewart. His daughter is “Twilight’s “ Kristen Stewart."

Read the rest here.

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