January 29, 2009

Kristen Stewart Vibrating with Excitement over Joan Jett Biopic -- and doing her homework!

Well, you can barely tell who those two blurry figures seated at the edge of the stage are, but it's none other than Kristen & Nikki, doing some homework for Kristen's upcoming role in the Joan Jett Runaways biopic. Check out PortalTwilight for more photos.

MTV Movies Blog spoke with Kristen about her upcoming role:
“I’m, like, vibrating,” grinned Stewart when we asked about “The Runaways,” a 1970’s-era flick about the influential all-girl rock band fronted by Jett and Lita Ford. “I’m just so excited about that movie. I’m really, exceedingly, more excited than normal,” she laughed.
Read the rest over at MTV.

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