January 12, 2009

Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed like to Twitter -- and Taylor Lautner does too. Maybe.

I've recently discovered Twitter, though I must admit, I really haven't figured out why it's fun yet. Well, turns out a lot of celebrities twitter, including Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed - allegedly. Allie is Wired shares some details about the hottest Twitter-using celebs, with links to their (supposedly) real Twitter pages. Of course, this could also be a big bunch of B.S., so proceed with a grain of salt!

Nikki Reed - Twitter ID: itsnikkibitch

First landing on the scene after her landing a role in Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, Nikki Reed recently shot to the top of the celebrity charts with her role in Twilight.

Best Tweet: “found photos of rob & i from yesterday. good thing you stayed at home or you would have had a meltdown”– in reply to Kbitch’s tweet, “back off my man BITCH!”

Kristen Stewart - Twitter ID: Kbitch

With films like Panic Room, Zathura and Twilight already under her belt, 18-year-old Kristen Stewart has had more success in Hollywood in a few short years than most actors do in an entire lifetime.

Best Tweet: “f*ck my life, i want some privacy. OKAY?”

Whoever they are, they share friends who call themselves "Asher Greene" (Ashley Greene?), and "Unknown TL" (Taylor Lautner?).

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  1. kristen is a fucking bitch !!
    nikki is a cool girl she's very lovely

  2. omg kristen just dropped the award lmao it was to funny she is as akward as bella but i still love her dont hate:)

  3. Those are both fake twitters.

  4. twitter just made a new thing called varified accounts ... pretty soon all celebrity twitters that are REAL... will be varified and we wont have to guess who to follow

  5. Yeah thats good coz these f*ckin people keep on makin fake celebrityy accounts and itz so shit!

  6. jeez, i know. fake myspace, facebook, and twitter accounts are so fricken stupid and annoying! i love twilight!!!!

  7. Ashley Greene has a verified twitter account http://twitter.com/ashleymgreene.She is following Peter Facinelli(verified account) and Rachelle Lefevre..I wonder why Ashley either Peter and Rachelle are not following Kristen,Rob and Taylor..That means they don't have a twitter account.Moreover,Taylor Swift(verified account tayloswift13)is not following anyone with the name Taylor or something,she is following certain names..In conclusion,only Asley,Peter,Rachelle(and Taylor Swift,of course)have a real and verified twitter account...

  8. sorry just an erratum...verified account of Taylor Swift taylorswift13

  9. Off course they're fake. I don't think that Kristen Stewart would ever make/have a twitter ID, called Kbitch. I mean.. Only stupid people would do that. But, there are so many people that just make accounts, to make people think that they are famous and stuff like that. It's just very annoying.

  10. leavee kirstin allone she is very pretty and i love her acting as bell you go girl :) <3 x

    i also love rpatz super gourgours, if you ever get this message me back lol <3 xx ;)

  11. look its all fakeee FAKE TWITTER ACCOUNTS BY SOME SADO IN A ROOM SOMEWHERE.she doesnt twitter and niether does robert pattinson..okay..move on with another story.
    London UK

  12. Kirsten doesn't
    t have facebook or twitter, look at some interviews people.
    Seriously kbitch.... come on.

  13. gods sake of course its fake!!!!
    Kristen Stewart and all the other celebs might not have twitter/facebook but lol guys come on even if they did you think theyll give it to people they barely now so when they wake up theyll see like a zillion people waiting to be their friend by the way ima huge twiligh fan and i love all the actors!!!


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