January 3, 2009

Kellan Lutz's girlfriend catches him kissing another chick

Ok, so this is not truly Twilight-related, but here's fresh news about Twilight's Emmett Cullen from Page Six:

THERE'S almost nothing so fickle as young, intoxicated love. Starlet Annalynne McCord of "90210" showed up at Tenjune's holiday bash at the Shore Club in Miami with castmate and boyfriend Kellan Lutz. At first they were happy and kissing as Pras from the Fugees performed "Killing Me Softly." But the good mood soured a few minutes after midnight, when McCord caught her drunken beau smooching another woman. "Annalynne was speechless," our spy said. "She was noticeably upset and stormed off. Kellan followed her and was seen groveling and begging for her forgiveness and they made up."


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  2. i hope kallen is having fun in california


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