January 26, 2009

Just 'Because' it makes me Happy: Robert Pattinson's 'Because She Loves Me' Interview Clip

I love this old interview with Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Rome tour where he reveals why Edward can't scare Bella off during the Meadow scene in the movie. You've probably seen this grainy clip dozens of times, but it's fun to watch again!

If you somehow missed this 8 minute-long Rome behind-the-scenes video and want to watch the whole thing, you can check out a shaky version here.


  1. I have watched this an embarrasing number of times....and I still laugh every single time he says "because she LOVES me". Thanks for bringing it back so I can watch it again guilt free. Kinda like when Super Troopers or Anchorman comes on TV and I should be cleaning the house....but I get sucked in every single time. And it gets funnier every single time.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. I'd never seen it! I'm a major, major Rob fan so I love this. Thanks again!


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