January 29, 2009

I'm Carlisle?! What the heck.

After I saw Jaci's blog post on Twilight Poison's "What member of the Cullen family are you?" quiz, I had to go test myself out too. I want to be Alice, but being Carlisle is alright. I'm not digging Carlisle's receding hairline in this photo...


  1. Hah I did all the test! When I did that test I was overly surprised that I got Rosalie ( I really don't think I have much in common with her...) After I did the test over atleast two times I still got Rosalie... So I guess it's true! haah !

  2. I scored Edward :) and Sam.

  3. I got Edward and Jacob, seriously. My friends say I'm more like Alice or Seth.


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