January 19, 2009

Humans Get No Love: Won't somebody bid on a dinner date with Mike Welch?

One of the pleasant surprises about Twilight Movie was how fun the humans were! In particular, I thought that Anna Kendrick and Mike Welch really stood out. (Note: This photo of Mike is from his website; I'm not sure why he appears to be hiding half naked behind some cereal boxes)

Well, on Friday I blogged about how you can bid on a dinner date with some members of the Twilight cast during the Salute to Twilight Convention. eBay Bidding ends on Tuesday, January 20th, and I see that not a single person has bid on having dinner with Mike! Somebody step up and place a bid here! :)

With 12 bids, Jackson still reigns as Mr. Popular. I do have to say $300 to have a meal with a Twilight star and a handful of other fans seems pretty steep; I could understand if the money were going to a charity...but...

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