January 14, 2009

Even World-Famous Economics PhDs aren't immune to Twilight Fever!

Steven Levitt, the best-selling author of Freakonomics and a well-known UChicago professor, has blogged about reading Twilight in the NY Times! See? Twilight fever is contagious, even with world-famous, influential economists:

"Although I will say I was somewhat disappointed with the book, an outside observer would laugh at that description, given that I read it in less than a week. My kids would remind me that I told them they would have to make their own dinner because I had to finish the book to find out whether Bella would turn into a vampire or not. I guess the fact that I ordered the other three books in the series from Amazon also gives me away...

Now we just need to figure out how to work some vampires into SuperFreakonomics to boost our sales.

Hmm. Maybe we should tell him to join Twilight Moms! Read the rest of Steven's interesting musings over at NYTimes.com.

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