January 16, 2009

Eclipse Plans Underway: James Mangold + Juan Antonio Bayona seeking Eclipse director job

Summit recently squashed rumors that James Mangold was in talks to helm Eclipse, but Variety's Anna Thompson offers a different story:
"Things are heating up already on the third installment, Eclipse. They haven't even started the second one yet, New Moon. When you've got a robust franchise, filmmakers are eager to get on board. Word is, the Spanish director of The Orphanage, Juan Antonio Bayona, and 3:10 to Yuma helmer James Mangold are both circling the project, but Summit insists that no meetings are scheduled as yet. Both would be strong choices.

As to the last two unfilled roles in New Moon, vampires Jane and Aro, no offers have yet gone out, despite what you may have read."
What I've learned is that there is a kernel of truth to every rumor. We may have put to rest the possibility of Vanessa Hudgens appearing in New Moon, but I wouldn't be surprised if her name came up for Eclipse!

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