January 19, 2009

People.com's StyleWatch: Dress up your Significant Other in Robert Pattinson's LnA Zip-up Sweatshirt

People's StyleWatch has featured Robert Pattinson's black zip-up sweatshirt look in their "I Really Love My..." article on how to get the must-have items that celebs love to wear again and again for less.

"Before cutting his famous locks, Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson tries to go incognito with the help of his favorite LNA black zip-up sweatshirt."

You can buy Robert's LnA zip-up hoodie here. Apparently, LnA is a favorite among Hollywood A-listers and hip kids. Of course, I've never heard of LnA, so I'm neither 1) a Hollywood anything, nor 2) a hip kid.


  1. Granted RPatzz can sport the black hoodie like no other, but seriously? $100 retail! "On sale" for $42?? Hollywood is INSANE sometimes!!!!

    But again, Rob is fabulous either way!

    PS: thanks for this blog:) You're my fav twi-site to check (multiple xs) DAILY!

  2. Hi tms! I know...I never realized that there was anything special about Robert's black hoodie; he could've bought it at Target an nobody would've known the difference!

    Thanks for your message and for visiting my silly blog! I really appreciate hearing from you and meeting another TwiCrack addict. :)


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