January 7, 2009

Twilight Movie Online? Just wait for the Twilight DVD

So, I was surfing around on Yahoo! Answers, when I came across the inquiry, "How can I watch Twilight online?" For reals??

Turns out, there are several websites where you can watch Twilight, as well as other flicks, online for free. Sounds tempting, but the first thing that I wondered was whether or not watching movies posted online is *legal*! On one of these sites, I found the following disclaimer:

Watch-Movies.net is absolutly [sic] legal and contain only links to other sites on the Internet

Hrm. Well, just because Watch-Movies.net can wash it's hands of responsibility for offering movies online for free, does it mean that it's ok for one to WATCH the movies offered? Well, I was unable to find a straight answer online, but until I learn otherwise, I don't wanna end up in trouble over watching some grainy video that somebody took with a shaky hand-held camera. Even if it turns out that it's legal to watch Twilight streaming online, somehow, this kind of reeks of wrong. My advice is to be patient and reward the hard work of the amazing Catherine Hardwicke & team by waiting for Twilight to be released on DVD this spring. Can't wait!

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