January 16, 2009

Does Robert Pattinson have a Twitter account? Maybe.

I recently dished on Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed's Twitter accounts, and their Twitter buddies Ashhisgreene / "Asher Greene" and TDLL / "Undercover TL", who happens to have a pic that looks suspiciously like Taylor Daniel Lautner.

Now, these could ALL be fakers, though Allie is Wired claims that Kristen & Nikki's Twitter accounts, as well as that of their Twitter friend Emma Watson are indeed legitimate. They are also followed by Leighton Meister. The fact that all of these accounts have since gone private recently makes me think that they could be real; Seriously, what is the point of impersonating a celebrity and writing fake posts if you just planned to keep it to yourself?

Well, regardless, there is one more buddy that all six of these folks share in common: Some guy who calls himself BRRR / "ColdDesert" (a Kings of Leon song), and uses a Van Morrison photo as his pic. Could it be Spunk?

Pattinson Online has a laundry list of fake MySpace/Facebook/YouTube/Twitter sites that claim to be Rob. So far, the mysterious BRRR hasn't made it to the list yet, but maybe it will soon!


  1. Actually, Kristen Stewart changed her twitter account. It is no longer Kbitch ... its Kstich ( she accepted my request ) and it has all the people you mentioned in this post. I'm really positive that ColdDesert is Robert Pattinson, But, I'm not 100% sure. :]

  2. non e of them prolly have a Twitter, notice how they all talk about the films? most celebs have a life beyond the movies and don't make their projects their life!

  3. the twitter account kristensss admits she's fake and says that everyone she's following is fake, too and they're her friends. they are brrr, tdll, asher greene,

  4. actually, not all are. hugh jackman's account is real. He tweeted about being at a specific movie theater at a certain time, and low and behold he was there.

  5. I wanna say WHAT?! but I'm not gonna do this. I really wonder if ColdDesert is REALLY Rob Pattinson, but it can be fake... HUH why do some fans make themselves as famous stars?! This is totally stupid!! :@ I really (sorry I'm using "really" so much times) want to meet with the REAL (again sorry ;) ) Rob Pattinson, because I'm a biggggg fan. Wish luck to everyone,who wants to meet him. Bye !

  6. Rob's twitter (its definitely official) is RobPattinson_
    As a handy hint, most celebs Twitter accounts are their names.

  7. Me thinks that Kristen Stewart's real one is "kristenstewart9"

    She doesn't constantly talk about going to meet up with Nikki or Rob or Taylor (which always seems kinda fake to me)
    And she doesn't Tweet every 10 seconds, like all the others do. And I'm pretty sure she's quite busy right now, and doesn't have time for that.
    Plus none of the other people claiming to be Kristen Stewart post any photos. This one does, and they're not just ones you find on Google images.
    From her Twitter you can find Rob's and Nikki's, and I'm pretty sure they're real too if she's talking to them:
    "PattinsonRT" and "nhoustonreed".

  8. I don't think any of them have Twitters, to be honest. If they did, I am sure they would say it in interviews. I've watched more than one interview on YouTube, asking them (Kristen, Robert, Taylor..ect) if they use any internet sites. Kristen said she wasn't into blogging and didn't have a Twitter. Robert said he too wasn't into the whole 'internet thing'. He said he used to have a MySpace, but deleted it. Taylor said he wasn't on anything, for now - but may change his mind.

    Just YouTube to see updates! Ha.

  9. Have you ever thought to look at where the tweet is coming from? A lot of the fake celebs do all their posting from the web. What celeb is gonna be chained to the web all day? They would be using their mobiles at least occasionally. Especially if they are tweeting they are at the MTV awards from the WEB? C'MON!

  10. kristenstewart9 has been suspended on twitter

  11. PattinsonRT is supended on twitter

  12. Can someone tell me what Kristen and Rob's Twitter ID is.

  13. Damn - kristenstewart 9 and PattinsonRT seemed like the real deal.

  14. All are Fake now ppl only Peter (Dr. Cullen) is real, twitter has started verifying celebrity accounts, you can check it out, give up hope of addin them to anything. They're awesome actors but as of right now they don't have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace etc...

  15. most are fake from allie is wired. I searched Kristen and Taylor's screennames and nothing came up

  16. Taylor's Twitter account it "OfficialTL".

  17. Rachelle Twitter is "Rachelle_Lefevr", Billy is "billy_burke", Ashley Greene is "TheAshleyGreene",for Robert and Kristen they shared 2 accounts "RobPAndKristenS and KristenJStewart" But Kristen have a new one "xkristenstewart".

  18. sorry..if they had that much accounts they would not be able to foolow normal life anymore caus ethey were too busy twittering hahah...seriously: I think they have their mob phones, text eachother if they want to otherwise, the y take the "old fashion way" pick up the phone and just CALL onanother..

  19. I'm on Twitter and someone started following me called TruthTweet, on their Twitter page they verify by websites who is the real deal and who isn't.
    Apparently Robert Pattinson is definitely not Twittering and niether is Kristen but Peter is on there.

  20. NOT LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN-but if none of the fans pretended to be celebrities, we would all know who was real and who was fake :D

  21. Hardly any of the things yous are all saying are the real twitters!! bet none of them even have it like..and ya wanna know how i know?? cus there is a site called www.valebrity.com and when you type in the suposed twitter account, it will tell you if its real or not. all celebs have a special twitter which verifies that they are the real one and if its not on this site..then sorry but its not the real twitter :) happy now?

  22. it really bugs me when stupid people make fake accounts of famous people...it's so annoying

  23. @RachelleLeferve was confirmed on Valebrity.com and it says that the only other person from the cast is Anna (@AnnaKendrick47) no one else has one except for maybe.....the guy who plays carlisle.

  24. what is carlsiles twitter?

  25. okay so petter aka dr.cullen tweeted this:
    Unfollow posers. Here's the truth. RT @rosenfie send this out. It should help lose the posers. http://bit.ly/G3UPH

    so yea follow the link its really should help
    follow it! =]]

    ps: his is http://twitter.com/peterfacinelli

  26. Future Mrs. Edward CullenOctober 4, 2009 at 7:43 PM

    kristenstewart9 was suspended

  27. ColdDesert might be real. but he is not following the real kristen but an imposter - kristensss, she is on Truth tweets list-of-shame-fakes. I don't know who is who. But there is a a rob that has a padlock sign (i'm not certian what that means) but still... there is Twilight (they have comented on it as From taylor/rob/kristen - perezehilton talks of them on his blog so they are liekly to be genuin) ALSO on the twilight page, billy_burke is friends (bella's dad) and also the genuin peterfacinelli

    perezh also says on his blog that the 2 main characters do NOT have twitters

    Hope it helped
    if anyone has his address, email, number, anything that might be close to genuin, i'd like to know. I want to contact him about how he got a career in acting........
    thanks to anyone who helps me :)

  28. Twitter is crap, the only people who use it are tweens with nothing better to do. The twilight stars have better things to do with their time than go on twitter.

  29. Hello there fans,
    Im very sorry but one lady is correct i dont have a Twitter account, Waste of time.
    Now and again, i type my own name into Google.com to see what the public are saying about me.
    And what the 'gossip' is,
    Im sorry to disappoint you, but hey check out the new Twilight film- New Moon, in cinemas now!
    All my love,
    Kind regards.
    Rob (:

  30. ashley greene has a twitter account now. its AshleyMGreene its definitely her, peter facinelli announced it on his.

  31. I think it's sad that so many people wanna be Rob. Yes, he's beautiful, but leave it alone for bloody sake! It's really pathetic and annoying!

    BTY: NEW MOON ROCKS and I'm so for "Team Edward"
    I think the dogs should go to the pound....LOL

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  33. Honestly, I think any actor or actress does not have a facebook, myspace, or twitter. Think about it. I have tried to talk to the real Kristen Stewart online and all of them are imposters. Also it's creepy from my part cause it's like a complete stranger trying to be friends with someone they don't know. I say that Rob has his reasons for saying that Twitter is a waste of time. I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to become friends with Kristen Stewart, but honestly I don't know anything about her. I would like to not hear so many stupid rumors about her and other Twilight stars. Well...that's all I have to say. Thanks for reading.


  34. Do you really think that above post was from Rob? I would just love to hear from him. I am so awfully fascinated with him, not Edward Cullen and would like to know what was on his mind. Wish he did Twitter! I am not a tween I am a grown woman and this is an awful fascination! Just would like to know more about him....the person.

  35. The only twi people who have twitter are as follows i know cuz peter fach said so and hes the real deal:

    billy_burke-charlie swan
    gilbirmingham-billy black
    peterfacinelli-dr cullen
    IamEReaser-esme cullen

    all these people peter is following and peter again is the real peter so ya and here are some more that hes not following but they follow him and they talk back and fourth not constantly but ya not sure if they r real tho so dont get mad at me if they are not im just sharing what i know as of right now

    TaylorxLautner-jacob(theres another one on him so he prob dont have one ill post the other one right now)
    KellanLutz__ -emmitt
    JayMRathbone-(he seems to be the real deal but idk)
    TLautzz_(thats the second one not ex sure but ya)

    so ya and like i said they r followin peter fach and peter fach said some are not verfied yet but apparently they are workin on that so neway just so u noe doesnt look like k stew has one and like i said the ones im not sure about could be fakes idk prob r just thought yall wanna know so bad i figured most of em out for u

  36. ой, он такой классный)))супер!!


  38. Who cares they all suck

  39. look for the ones that are verified by Twitter (with the blue check next to their names) go to that page and look at who their following and are verified. That should help you pick up the connection of friends...hope that helps =)

  40. Alex Meraz who plays paul is TheAlexMeraz

  41. Today Taylor Launter and Kristen Stewart both said thay dont have twitter; they said it on Australia live today or yesterday. Not sure about Rob though. But skins actor (yes he's rel hesgot a pic of him holding his twitter account) @LucaPasqualino is following Ashley Greene; bcus hes currently working with herr :} @AshleyMGreene is hers and the one who plays Emmet (Kellan Lutz) has twitter too; which has been confirmed real by Ashley, Its @Kellanlutz. Ashley or Kellan arnt following anyone named Rob, Kristen or Taylor or Dakota. That should be enough proof :) xxxxx

  42. oh and also @AshleyMGreene is following @peterfacinelli - Dr Cullen :)

    @AshelyMGreene - Alice Cullen
    @kellanlutz - Emmet Cullen
    @peterfacinelli - Carlise Cullen

    Hope that helpedd :)

  43. Hey anonymous's you posted soo many coments and they helped me alot.Thanx i hope these are real acount and if they arent you guys still the best.Idk why im talking to you guys when you posted these comments like years ago but still your the best.:)!!!!!!

  44. Hey guys!

    Robert does not have a Twitter account. I don't think Kristen has one either.

    Taylor did have a verified account.

    Hope this helps!

    Have a super stunning day further (:


  45. eu amo vcs eu sou brasileira tenho todos os seus filmes da saga do aguas para elefantes e outros varios moro no estado de mato-grosso na regiao centro-oeste!!!! a primeira vez que vi seu filme já me apaixonei....<3<3<3 y love you and taylor lautner!!! lindos


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