January 31, 2009

New MTV: Like everybody else, Dakota Fanning thinks that Robert Pattinson is "very, very cute"

MTV's Larry Carroll has posted another new Dakota interview, where she dishes about 'New Moon', why she's a good fit for Jane, and her potential co-star, R-patz:

"And, naturally, since Dakota is a teenage female, we couldn't resist asking the obvious question: If the actress shot a scene opposite heartthrob Robert Pattinson, could she keep herself under control?

"He is very, very cute," she giggled. "But I'm sure I would be."

Dakota is so polished & professional! Read the rest over at MTV.

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  1. Ok does anyone else think going for a "big" star is wrong? Yes, I am sure she would do a great job..but there is a "budget" and Jane is in the next three books. (even if they are only signed for two more) There is only so much money to go around so if they have to shell out a big chunk to a big star..then the special effects or location or something else will have to be reduced or cut back. So if they sign her..it will be for the next two films not just New Moon..how many millions will it cost? Is it worth that or should they go with an unknown? I dunno just my thoughts. I do think she would be a good Jane though..


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