January 21, 2009

Bite Me! (Or Don't): Twilight = Abstinence Porn

This Bitch Magazine article by Christine Seifert made me laugh. She analyzes the Twilight-driven new sub-genre of teen romance: Abstinence Porn.

Here are a couple of excerpts:
"The Twilight series has created a surprising new sub-genre of teen romance: It’s abstinence porn, sensational, erotic, and titillating. And in light of all the recent real-world attention on abstinence-only education, it’s surprising how successful this new genre is. Twilight actually convinces us that self-denial is hot. Fan reaction suggests that in the beginning, Edward and Bella’s chaste but sexually charged relationship was steamy precisely because it was unconsummated—kind of like Cheers, but with fangs."
"It’s clear from both the books and the fan fiction response to them that Edward has taken on the role of protector of Bella’s human blood and chastity, both of which, ironically, are always in peril when Edward is nearby. Bella is not in control of her body, as abstinence proponents would argue; she is absolutely dependent on Edward’s ability to protect her life, her virginity, and her humanity. She is the object of his virtue, the means of his ability to prove his self-control. In other words, Bella is a secondary player in the drama of Edward’s abstinence." 

Whether you agree or disagree with her point of view, Bite Me! (Or Don't) is still an interesting read! (Warning: The article features Adult themes and Breaking Dawn & Midnight Sun spoilers)


  1. Wow. This woman has issues! I read the whole article and was so distracted by her personal hostility. It's a fantasy series!! Stephanie Meyer states on her website that she is a Mormon; therefore her worldview and life philosophy have been shaped by that. Plus she was an English Lit major who clearly loves Jane Austen & other classics. This also clearly influences her writing. Stephanie has a response to critics on her website under BREAKING DAWN's FAQ. It's somewhat sad (and maybe pathetic) that one's artistic expression gets so over-analyzed and twisted into another person's personal rant or agenda. JMO

  2. I thought this was a great article and that the author had some very valid points, and I find it insulting that just because they disagree with the authors point of view someone would call the author hostile and pathetic. The fact that Stephanie Myer is a Mormon does not excuse her poor writing or the fact that Bella is a weak character who depends completely upon her "soulmate". I must say, to even hint that a great author such as Jane Austen wrote anything even remotely similar to the Twlilight Saga is an insult to Austen lovers everywhere. Bite me! (or don't) has an interesting and refreshing point of view that made me think of the series in a very different way, and I would recommend it to anyone who is would like to look at Twilight from a more intellectual and realistic point of view.


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