January 30, 2009

Ashley & Kellan are Pro-Fanning too!

At the premiere of "Push" last night, Dakota Fanning confirmed her excitement over the possibility of being in New Moon to ET:

"It would be so neat if it worked out, I'm a really big fan," Dakota says about being a part of 'New Moon.' "It's probably too soon to say for sure, but it would be really cool."

Also, Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene said that they would really like to work with the young star:

"I hope she does ['New Moon'] she's a brilliant actress," Kellan says -- Ashley adds: "Hopefully she will be involved in the second one. I think she's an amazing little actress."

P.S. Didn't Camilla Belle, one of the stars of Push who made the Twilight 'Nonsense' comment, look gorgeous at the premiere? No wonder she allegedly has all these boys fawning over her. :)

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