January 29, 2009

Another DVD Pimp-out Exclusive: Hot Topic will have a special Twilight DVD offer too.

...and the pimping of the Twilight craze by Summit continues. First they artificially limit the availability of Twilight Blue-Ray DVDs to Best Buy & Target, then they offer exclusive collector's editions through both Amazon and Borders. Now, Hot Topic is offering the following:
"Hot Topic is offering an exclusive and highly collectible Edward Cullen film cell with every copy of the 2-disc special edition Twilight DVD, all for $24.99. This is a real film cell created directly from the movie. There are 250 different images available, each individually numbered and suitable for framing."
I'm guessing that Summit is hoping that we'll all be tempted into buying more than one version! As of now, I've only ordered the plain-vanilla 2-disc special. The Border's version does look cool, but I'm not caving in (yet):


  1. I agree with the title of the post before you crossed it out. I feel like Summit is kind of shotring the fans by doing things this way.

  2. And thanks so much for adding me to your blog list!

  3. hi there! -
    i'm kind of irritated that there's so many diff't versions of the dvd. it's toally exploiting the hardcore fans who feel compelled to have everything and anything twilight.

    do i really want to see interviews i can see for free on youtube or on the borders twilight page (i bet those are the same interviews from comic con)? i'm just getting the regular 2-disc dvd from amazon myself.


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