January 27, 2009

10 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Twilight from Times of the Internet

Oof. Times of the Internet seems to have written me a personal memo this morning. They published a list of 10 Signs You're Too Obsessed With Twilight. I've highlighted the two that apply to me, which are indeed signs of a TwiCrack Addiction. How many apply to you?

10) You've memorized every line of the book series
9) You refer to yourself as a "Twilight Scholar"
8) Your screen name is a Twilight character's name
7) You spend all day blogging about the movie (Guilty, guilty, guilty)
6) You are set to receive Twitter updates about "New Moon"
5) You think Catherine Hardwicke should be the next President of the United States
4) You actually think you have a future with either Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner
3) You just know in your heart that vampires are real
2) You're sure Twilight is non-fiction
1) You have your Google Alerts set to notify you anytime anyone in the world mentions Twilight even once. (Well, how else would you ensure finding a cool Twilight Cupcake recipe?)

I think I need an INTERVENTION.

P.S. You can buy the OCD button here, which was designed by the La Push Gift Shop.


  1. #10--I didn't think I had,but I find myself correcting people ALL THE TIME.
    #7--I update 4 threads on 3 different websites on Twilight/New Moon related stuff every day (some times several times a day)
    #4--RPattz is waiting for me. He just doesn't know it.
    #1--Yes. I also have them set for "Stephenie Meyer" and "Robert Pattinson"

  2. You and I have the same obsessive compulsions. Haha!


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