December 18, 2008

Coming out of the closet

Today I read this article on Spying on Suburbia, and I think I found a kindred spirit! I have been guiltily addicted to the Twilight Saga ever since last spring, when a Time magazine article on Stephenie Meyer prompted me to pick up a copy of Twilight from the young adult section of my local Barnes & Noble. Soon thereafter, I devoured the rest of the series -- and became a total Twilight junkie.

My husband is starting to catch on to the magnitude of my TwiCrack addiction, only recently realizing that I've been re-reading the same dog-eared book with the Red Apple on the cover before I go to bed for months now. He let me drag him to Twilight the movie without complaint during opening weekend, and didn't say a word when he noticed that I replaced a vacation photo with Edward Cullen's face as my desktop background.

To my *chagrin* (only you Twilighters know what I'm talking about), most of my friends have never heard of Stephenie Meyer, so I have nobody to share my addiction with! I'm too embarrassed to reveal the depths of my obsession with a book series about a fictional vampire family to my friends, who feed their souls with Meet the Press, the Economist and the New York Times. Consequently, I've became enthralled with the world of Twilight. I haven't been this enthralled with anything like this since I was a teenager and obsessed with the New Kids on the Block. I guess I'm just a teeny bopper for life, trapped in the life of a happily married, working career gal.


  1. I'm guilty as charged. I too am "a teeny bopper for life trapped in the life of a happily married woman." And I too changed my desktop wallpaper. Except mine is all about Jacob/Taylor.

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