December 24, 2008

Filipino Made-for-TV Twilight Series

Is this the new/second Edward?? I'm not seeing any bronze, tousled hair!

According to ABN-CBN news, Twilight fans in the Philippines will soon be enjoying a new Twilight TV series. Apparently, Twilight is going to be adapted for Filipino audiences. Here are some excerpts:

"Manila, Philippines (CNS) - Because it's so popular right now, the vampire flick "Twilight" is being adapted into a Philippine TV series, with teen stars Rayver Cruz and Shaina Magdayao playing the lead parts.

The Stephenie Meyer novel has been bought by TV network ABS-CBN with Ignite Media for more than $1 million for the upcoming "fantaserye" show. The working is "Takipsilim," which is a tagalong word for twilight.
It has not been disclosed if the characters in the TV adaptation would be keeping their names as they would sound so westernized in the Philippine setting."

Perez Hilton
also reports that the Twilight fandom is bringing out their torches.

Personally, I think it's cool that Twilight is That. Freaking. Big. in the Philippines, don't you? Everybody has their own Twilight experience and vision, so why not? If it upsets you, then just don't watch it. Also, it's in tagalog, for pete's sake, so unless you speak that language and live in the Philippines, do you really care?

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