December 29, 2008

I'm now a Small Business owner. Sort of.

In less than an hour, I created a product and opened up an online store! I guess I'm a super-sucker for online marketing because while surfing for TwiCrack today, I finally went and clicked on one of those ubiquitous CafePress ads that seem to dominate so many of my Daily Dealers' websites.

What I didn't realize until now is how Twilight has fueled a whole cottage industry around fan-inspired Twilight merchandise. On CafePress, where you can set up your own shop for free, there are no fewer than 14,400 different fan-made designs available for sale. There was some really, really cool stuff on there, including some of my favorites:

By the way, the Twilight-oriented CafePress ad has even been showing up on my own blog via those Google ads, that are fueled by the content of the host site. It's semi-scary how Google is able to scan your content, and tailor marketing messaging accordingly. Because I use the word 'Addict' all over this blog to describe my Twilight 'Obsession', I've been getting lots o' ads for addiction rehabilitation services. Also, I've been getting links to Filipino dating sites, thanks to blogging about Fake Twilight.

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