December 19, 2008

Furious Twilight Fans Cyber-attack Michael Copon

This is the kind of stuff that makes Twilight fans look like loonies.

Some fans are taking this whole Team Taylor campaign a wee bit too far by personally attacking Michael Copon, a contender for the role of Jacob Black in New Moon, by posting derogatory comments on his Facebook wall.

While I'm no fan of Copon (yet), he's not responsible in any way for the fact that Taylor Lautner is fighting to retain the part of Jacob. Summit studio holds all responsibility.

Yeah, maybe Copon came off as a little douche-y by proclaiming himself as the older Jacob Black on Facebook (see below), but who can blame a guy for pushing for this role of a lifetime? Fans are attacking the wrong party, if you ask me. Poor guy -- he's gonna need a big, fat endorsement from Stephenie Meyer to overcome fan wrath!

Meh. I'm Team Edward, so as long as Robert Pattinson returns, I don't really care who plays Jacob Black.

Obviously, you can see that it's a slow Twilight news day, which mirrors the laziness of day. Snow has been steadily blanketing our yard for the past 3 hours, but my husband and I are warm and toasty indoors. We're expecting quite a bit of snow here in the northeast!


  1. poor Copon!
    I am definitely a Team Edward girl but sheesh, some people have just crossed the a hundred miles!
    I'm just going to click the button for your Followers, I wish I'd found this blog earlier, it's awesome!

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