December 31, 2008

Cool destinations for a Stay-cation

So, I do have a life outside of my TwiCrack addiction. My husband and I are enjoying our "Stay-cation", since plans to go to Vancouver to visit family didn't work out at the last minute. With all this free time, what's a girl to do? Housework? Um, no. Instead of going into TwiCrack withdrawal given the slow news day, I've been discovering a ton of cool webtools, including StumbleUpon, which led me to this cool Jackson Pollock site, where I created this hot mess:

It's so cool! Drag your mouse to create your own hot mess, and click on any button to change the colors.

Also, although I may be disguised as a cubicle-dwelling worker bee, I've always been an artist at heart and love art. I stumbled upon these AMAZING sidewalk chalk drawings created by a talented artist:
Happy New Year! Here's wishing you a wonderful 2009, and another year of really good TwiCrack.


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