December 28, 2008

Ben Barnes too old to be Edward

I guess I'd always imagined Aro as some sort of gentle, papery-faced older man. So, when I first heard speculation that Ben Barnes wants in for New Moon, I was kind of surprised, though I suppose I can 'put up' with seeing his pretty mug on the big screen. Heh, yeah, I think that I can adjust!

Apparently, this is not the first time Ben considered being part of the Twilight movie series. Ben Barnes had some advice for Robert Pattinson on handling his new Twilight fame, and revealed his interest in Twilight:

"Actually, I know Rob a bit. He's from very close to where I lived. I used to sing with his sister at school weirdly. We used to do Soul nights. I think it's just about having confidence. The hardest thing is when you first start to do things like this (interviews). I'm not surprised if he was freaked out at Comic Con. It's having confidence that people are asking questions because they want to know the answers not because they're trying to 'get' you. If you can't think of an answer it's okay to say 'I don't know'. You don't have to be interesting and funny all the time. But I'm sure he has a much better handle on it than I do. I wanted to be in that Twilight film but I was too old (geez, he's only in his late 20's). There's no way I could look seventeen for the next three years. Tell Rob hi and good luck for me."

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